Action and Reaction


Action and reaction, there is no reaction without an action. So that was expected to do something, wants nothing as planned, according to the flow of thought, both bad plan, that’s later.

So, back to the boarding area. I do not know what day, the story is, me, again visited the residents of a dorm room, one block west. This is to join passengers watch TV, Kasian ya, I really have no tipi.

While watching the tipi show, for some event going on I forgot, my bad habit while watching something funny is loud with the volume kenceng and within a few decibels.

Apparently, there are other inhabitants of the western block which feel less comfortable with my behavior, then quietly climbed to the second floor, then all of a sudden stand by the side of the room where I watch the movies, and music on the phone turn on with the volume kenceng kenceng. Perhaps the meaning asked diperhatiin.

But since the situation is fully conscious, wait on that kind of behavior will aggravate the atmosphere. So the best way to completion is that I choose silence. Although he actually often make their own noise but we always try to understand.

Thankfully, because dicuekin, that person that ngencengin music, we also ignore aja keep on watching tipi. And the evening being adem calm again.

Sometimes the most effective way to solve a problem only with simply, is silent.

Errr.  Do you know what I mean ?  You don’t ? really ?
ah no problem, neither me.



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